Finding accommodation in London, shared properties, agency : what to do exactly ?

Are you planning to move to London? One of the first steps in your new London adventure will be to find accommodation. And it is not always easy to start this research. What will you choose between co-location in London, real estate agencies, collaborative platforms? What channels should be used for this research? Which websites to choose? Which neighbourhoods should be targeted?

1) Real estate agencies

Real estate agencies are generally a reliable way to find accommodation in London, although they are an expensive solution. You will find ads from real estate agencies offering professional offers. If you choose these agencies, we advise you to choose French real estate agencies that will help you more easily and to avoid local agencies that often ask for guarantors already residing in the country and application fees at registration. However, additional fees may apply and the time may be a little longer, depending on your budget and the time you have available! The advantage of agencies is that they "protect" you from unpleasant surprises thanks to the contracts and support they offer. However, this intermediary to find an apartment or house will be expensive. In addition, small periods are not often dealt with by agencies, so it will be necessary to turn to collaborative platforms such as airbnb or find other solutions to find accommodation in London.

2) Advertising sites specialized in the rental of housing

Real estate ad sites between private individuals can be an interesting alternative to live in London. Indeed, the latter make it possible to address individuals directly without having intermediaries such as real estate agencies. This makes it possible to simplify deadlines, procedures and above all costs, even if the offer may be less professional and clear.

3) Collaborative platforms:

The market for collaborative platforms has been booming in recent years and has greatly improved in quality and reliability. This is due in particular to the rating and notification systems, as well as to the growing demand from clients, who will make every effort to obtain as much information as possible before making their choice. Like personal websites, collaborative platforms are a very good solution for finding accommodation in London. They stand out thanks to their high flexibility and the significant growth in the number of existing offers.

4) Social networks

Social networks are nowadays a fast way to find accommodation for all types of budgets, whether for long or short stays. Feel free to visit some Facebook groups. These few groups will help you find a studio, an apartment or a shared flat. The latter is the most suitable solution for students with a small budget. The advantage of social networks is that you can contact the owner directly since the exchanges are mainly between individuals.
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