How to optimize the sale of your property ? Practical tips

In this period of real estate crisis, the sale of your property is proving more complicated than expected. Few visits, visitors with little or no interest, no written offer... the sale lasts forever and yet, you are convinced, your property has potential. How to create the crush and make your property stand out from the rest? Find out how to sell a property efficiently in the current market situation. Here are 5 practical tips that are easy to implement:

Depersonalize the places

The sale of a property is not an easy task. Owner of your house or apartment for several years, you have lived there for a period of your life and you are about to leave behind all your memories. Whether you purchased this property yourself or had it built, you marked the site according to your personal taste. But future buyers do not necessarily share your opinion. That is why it is recommended to depersonalize your habitat during the sale so that visitors can easily project themselves. When they come, they should be able to easily imagine what the interior might look like once their own furniture has been installed. To do this, remember to remove and store some decorative elements that are too marked: travel souvenirs, too many trinkets, photos and family portraits... You can also de-clutter rooms and remove massive furniture: too large, they do not clearly assess the potential of existing living rooms and square meters.

Investing to refresh

Currently, the state of the real estate market is such that future owners are spoilt for choice.  This position of strength allows them to visit as many properties as they wish before making a decision. With few exceptions, the next inhabitants of your house or apartment are looking for a property in perfect condition, in which they can put their suitcases, install their furniture and unpack without having to do any work. In just a few minutes, the visitor knows if he wants to continue the visit, confirm his crush or, on the contrary, leave without seeing the entire property. Your objective: to trigger love at first sight! To do this, inspect walls and ceilings carefully for traces of infiltration, cracks, loose wallpaper, etc. Replace in a few brushstrokes the paintings and friezes too original, the bright colors, with neutral tones more versatile. In the bathrooms, look for signs of mould and do not hesitate to invest a few hundred euros to renovate a shower or install a new and modern basin. If you think you don't have enough perspective to evaluate the defects of your home, you can ask a third party for its opinion: a new and objective look can sometimes reveal imperfections that you no longer see. However, the slightest defect will be a reason to negotiate the price down! Finally, take care of the entrance of your property. Too little importance is given to the entrance to a house or apartment, yet this is the first space that visitors discover. As soon as they enter, they form a first opinion and this impression, negative or positive, influences the rest of the visit.

Garden and outdoors

Just like the interior of a home, the garden and exteriors are of great importance when selling real estate. If you are lucky enough to offer a property with a piece of garden, or why not with a balcony, consider highlighting these assets: clean garden furniture, impeccable lawn, etc. They are real bonuses that will finish convincing the buyer and strengthen his crush.

Manage the ad

The real estate advertisement is the first contact that potential buyers have with your property, which is why it is strongly recommended to take care of every detail of this presentation. Carefully write a clear, explicit and complete description. To be effective, an advertisement must be comprehensive and objective: take the buyer's point of view and rank the information according to its level of importance. Of course, photos play a major role. Select quality images that perfectly present your property.
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