Potential investment

As interest rates are currently very low, buying a property to rent is certainly profitable. This is amplified by the fact that many first-time buyers are currently unable to obtain loans so they are, in fact, forced to stay in rentals. This mix of circumstances provides a solid foundation for any future owner. You should keep in mind that it is unlikely that interest rates will remain so low for long, and similarly, banks will have to start lending to first-time buyers again after a while. When this happens, your profit margin will not be as good. In addition, many reasonable people earn a good salary by renting properties during boom times. Just make sure you do your research and invest wisely. For example, there are many opportunities to rent to both students and young professionals in city centers but your property will not attract them if it is too far from transport. Similarly, family homes are more popular in the suburbs and single-family homes, such as cottages, will be more appropriate for the seasonal rental market. Choose your target location and market carefully.

England - in a nutshell

England being such a diverse country, there are many advantages to buying a property here. From the cosmopolitan capital to the picturesque little villages, there is something for everyone. Thanks to the favorable exchange rate at the moment, many foreign investors find themselves owning a lot of real estate with their money. However, the real estate market itself is always a risk and house prices lead to constant speculation. No one really knows what will happen to the market and so, if you can't afford to take a big risk, then it's wise to buy in England only if you want to establish your home there.
How about investing in a coastal property to put it up for rent?
Is investing in a house a good idea for the long term?

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