The most romantic places to visit in London

London is simply beautiful, located in the south-east of Great Britain; it is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe - just knowing where to find the most beautiful places! So, what makes London so special? Keep reading to learn more about the many London sites and the charm it offers to its visitors.

'Lovers' at St Pancras Station, London

The statue located in the St Pancras railway station, called 'Les Amoureux', is 9 meters high and includes a bronze sculpture of a kissing couple. What better way to remind commuters that romance can exist in their daily lives?

The most romantic restaurants in London

Located in the heart of Covent Garden, London, Clos Maggiore is a modern French restaurant that offers remarkable wines, quality food and a romantic atmosphere with a flowered veranda and a lovely fireplace. Another restaurant that has been dubbed one of London's most romantic is Andrew Edmunds, an establishment that can be found in the posh district of Soho. Set in an 18th-century townhouse, this restaurant with a modern European menu offers a cozy setting with lighted candles and a cozy atmosphere. Finally, if you are looking for an aphrodisiac, enjoy oysters at J Sheekey, a Covent Garden restaurant that specializes in seafood and is frequented by many famous.

The most romantic garden in London

Everyone knows that giving roses as a gesture of love to your darling is the most romantic way to tell them 'I love you'. But, imagine that ... 12,000 flowers in front of you in Queen Mary's Garden at Regents Park! It is the perfect place for a romantic stroll through the largest collection of roses in London.

The Shard

The Shard is a 95-storey skyscraper in Southwark, London, which is part of the development of the London Bridge neighborhood and is 309.6 meters high. This iconic London landmark is well worth a visit as the views from its viewpoint are spectacular, especially in the early evening when you can watch an amazing sunset over the city.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is London's most famous religious building. Built on a Christian site dating from the 7th century, the real name of the abbey is the Saint-Pierre Collegiate Church. The word Westminster means 'West Abbey', which reflects its position in the city of London. Most English rulers were not only crowned here, but were married in Westminster Abbey. The most recent was the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton (who can forget the princess's dress?). I cannot imagine a more romantic place to visit than where the future monarch and his wife got married.
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