Accommodation in the United Kingdom

If you move to the United Kingdom, finding accommodation will be in a good position on your list of steps to take. There are so many housing options and beautiful regions to choose from that the hardest thing may be to decide where you want to live. You will find more housing available in major cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh, which also offer more professional opportunities and a more dynamic lifestyle. However, rents can be very high. London being one of the most expensive cities in the world, the real estate market is changing rapidly. If you have in mind one of the small towns or villages in the United Kingdom, you will be lucky enough to find more space for less expensive rents than in city residences, although this advantage is offset by fewer employment opportunities and a much quieter lifestyle. Housing types in the United Kingdom:
  • Semi-individual/individual houses
  • Bungalows (low houses without floor)
  • Apartments
  • Duplex and triplex
  • Studios or furnished rooms
In the cities, the housing supply is mainly composed of apartments and studios. The further away from the centers, the more houses and bungalows you will find available and within your budget. Price ranges vary widely (for the price of a furnished room in central London you could rent or buy a house with a large garden in the north of England). Carefully assess your budget, possible travel needs and lifestyle and housing expectations.

Tips & Advice

Don't wait until the contract is signed to discuss rent and fees with your landlord or real estate agent. The guarantee, administrative costs and current expenses (such as charges or housing tax) are not always detailed in the real estate offers. Read the contract carefully before signing it and make sure you know your rights as a tenant in the United Kingdom before you sign up. If you need to use public transport to get to work every day, take into account transport costs, which can rise rapidly, especially in the South of England.
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