Apartments for rent in London: student accommodation

With a wide range of possibilities such as university residences, private housing, roommates and homestays, students looking for accommodation in London will be spoiled for choice. In addition to websites that list thousands of offers, you can also set your preferences and trust real estate agents. Otherwise, you can do your research on the forums of your university. Whatever your budget and priorities, you will find a friendly and comfortable environment. Here you can find the main types of student accommodation in London.

University residences in London

University residences are particularly popular for foreign students. Living in such a context has many advantages: a diverse and dynamic community, an all-inclusive rent, able to save you up to £ 100 on electricity bills and Wi-fi, a 24-hour reception service and a central location near the London sites and the university itself. The residence counselors, posted in the halls, are responsible for ensuring the residential life and well-being of all students. They organize social events, welcome new students and express their concerns to staff members. In general, university residences offer better value for money, with rents ranging from £ 130 to £ 340 per week, depending on the type of room (standard, bathroom or studio).

Private student residences in London

Private residences are neither owned nor managed by universities. They are independent and operated privately. If you are looking for community and security, but can not find a room at your university, turn to the private park. New equipment, gym, library and study rooms: these elements will however increase the price of rent. Count from £ 160 per week for an independent standard room up to £ 500 per week for an independent studio.

Private accommodation in London

If you are about to enroll in a postgraduate or doctoral program, you may feel ready to take on these additional responsibilities, feel free to decorate your space according to your personality and tastes, to pay your bills, clean, etc. If you are not afraid to take care of your expenses, that it may limit your social life, rest assured: many London students who live alone and who also like meeting new people, extracurricular activities or parties. The cost of a private home depends on the location, size and facilities present, but in general, it is probably the most expensive option, especially if you live far from your home and you must move every day. To find out more about the different residential areas of London and the rental costs, see our related articles.


When looking for private housing, keep an eye out for protection against online scams and frauds (being asked to transfer money without seeing the property or giving out your personal information, etc.).
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