Apartment rental in England

For those of you who would like to have an apartment just for them in England, the solution available to you is, as you might expect, rental. However, a rental can sometimes be quite expensive and it is therefore necessary to be well prepared and certain of your choice before starting.

Know what you want first!

When I say you have to be ready, it means you have to know exactly what you want and you have to be up to date on prices, etc. Find out about the rates, prepare a range of rents you can afford, look at which city you would like to live in, in which districts (city centers, suburbs, etc.) and finally, be aware that most ads are posted in rents not monthly but weekly / "per week" (and yes, you were sure that some apartments were really cheap...). Finally, be careful about the charges, whether or not the bills are included in the rent because if they are not, you may be surprised by the amount once you are there.

Finding an apartment in England

Now that you are sure of your choices, you can embark on the great adventure of finding an apartment in England! To do this, many sites offer ads but you should privilege serious and recognized websites in order to avoid as many possible scams as possible. One of the websites we recommned here is this platform specialized in rentals in England, this example being a link offering flats to rent in Cambridge: for-sale.com All you have to do is indicate the region of your choice and here is a list of available apartments with the amount of rent, photos, a map of the location of the apartment and sometimes the bills. You could also use word of mouth to find the home of your dreams, including through a friend's friend or other means. Sometimes this can be very useful! The most secure but also the most expensive way to go through an agency is still available. The agency will search for your rental according to your means and the place you desire, will make the link between you and the owner and will protect you with the tenancy-agreement which will act as a preliminary rental contract with the names of the interested parties, the amount of the rent, the costs of the various services, how the rent must be paid, when, etc. Of course, this will not prevent you from making arrangements with the landlord on various points such as the day the rent is paid, for example. Be careful though, with malicious agencies who may ask you for a deposit that they will give you back if they can't find you an apartment in England or those who ask you for any fees other than the agency fees themselves, they should be avoided.
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