Optimize your real estate AD to make a successful sale !

The announcement of your property for sale is an essential step for your real estate project. It is indeed from this ad that you will attract your buyers. It should be noted that it usually takes them 20 seconds to decide to continue reading. That is why it is necessary to distinguish yourself. The photos and text should be as attractive as possible. Here is how to take care of the presentation of your property and reveal it at its best.

Improve the photos of your property for sale listing

Convincing a buyer depends above all on the visual. It is indeed from the photos of your property that the buyer will decide to make a visit. To have beautiful pictures to put in your listing of accommodation for sale, you can: Depersonalize the parts. Remove any photos or intimate decorations. Your house must be neutral. However, make sure that your interior reflects a minimum of user-friendliness. Enhance the colors of your home. Take pictures during the day by promoting sunlight for example. Open the curtains wide; it will also give a touch of hospitality to your home. Make small repairs. Touch up damaged walls or paint them again if you need it. Improve the shooting of your parts. Take them from the right angle. Incorrectly placed pipes or protruding wires should not appear in your photos. The important thing to remember is that you will have to highlight your property for sale through your photos. You can also use the services of a professional photographer in case you do not have the necessary equipment. However, make sure that the photos reproduce the reality of your property. The aim is to attract buyers and not to mislead them. They must display your home in its best light without falling into false advertising.

Optimize your text by providing relevant information

To make your listing of accommodation for sale more effective, the accompanying text must also be of very good quality. Among other things, you must describe your property in a few lines without omitting important information. Here are some tips:
  • Your description should be precise, but brief. Remember that buyers will always have the opportunity to ask you questions during the visit.
  • Add value to your property. Don't dwell on the technical details, highlight the essential criteria. Talk about location, access, number of rooms, and your estimated price.
  • Choose your words carefully. Your ad must already target potential buyers. Specify the number of people who will be able to live in your property for sale if necessary.
  • Remain objective in your description. Don't talk about your personal impressions. It goes without saying that you love your home, but always try to remain neutral.
It is also important that your advertisement includes the energy performance diagnosis. It is one of the various technical diagnoses you will have to perform.
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