Lodging in London

As a newcomer, it can be quite difficult to find accommodation in the British capital, but there are ways to simplify your search. London covers an area of 1,572 km² and has 30 districts, which means that thousands of homes are available for rent and purchase. It is a good idea to start your research with a clear idea of the neighbourhood in which you would like to live. Whether you are looking for green spaces, a lively nightlife, or simply a good value for money, determine which neighbourhoods have the most to offer you. Take into account the obligations you will have elsewhere (for example, going to work) to further refine your target neighbourhoods. Shared accommodation is very common in London, as it allows people to live closer to the center and in a more spacious setting for less rent. Individual dwellings are rather expensive. You will find more studios and small apartments in the center, where space is scarce, and more houses on the outskirts. London's suburb is more affordable and spacious, but commuting to and from the center can be quite complicated. The culture is also different. Consult the London Transport website and the Metro Plan to estimate your travel prospects from certain areas.

The main districts of London

The main part of the city is divided into several districts, including Central London (Central London), North London (North London), South London (South London), East London (East London) and West London (West London). Each neighbourhood has its own identity and culture.

Types of accommodation in London

There are different types of accommodation available in London: studios, apartments, houses, youth hostels and hotels. Rents vary according to the number of rooms, the neighbourhood and access to transport. The cheapest housing is studios and shared apartments, usually at a certain distance from the center. The average price for a room varies between £600 and £1,200. The average rent for a two-room apartment starts at £1,200, and £2,200 for a three-room apartment. The further away from the city center, the lower the rents. The price of a studio in the center is generally the same as that of a three-room apartment in the periphery. Outside London, where the journey to the center may not exceed 20 minutes by train from the national network, you can rent an entire house for the same price.

Finding accommodation in London

Apartments and houses are quickly becoming available and busy in London. Ads posted on sites find takers and disappear from sites within the day or even within the hour. It is important to keep a close eye on the real estate market and be quick.
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