Urban life in England

Other popular cities in England include: Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Southampton, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds and Leicester. They all offer a wide range of amenities and services, all in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. University cities are also popular with people who buy to rent.

A piece of English history

If you love history, which is a strong point of England, then cities such as Bath, Canterbury, Chester, Cambridge, Durham, Lincoln, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Winchester and York will suit you better. These cities are significantly smaller than the other cities mentioned above and are in fact easier to travel in. They also offer certain friendliness and compensate for their small size with an incredible charm.

England by the waterfront

If you are looking for a house by the sea, then you don't necessarily need to look elsewhere. The counties of southern Cornwall and Devon have always been a popular choice and have some of the most popular coastal cities in England. There are other interesting places such as Southampton, Bournemouth, Brighton, Torquay and Hastings. These are small traditional villages full of tea shops and of course pubs serving the traditional English dish, "Fish and Chips".  
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